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This is where I've decided to post covers whenever I record some. The recording and mixing qualities of these tracks can vary quite a lot, as I mainly do these to test equipment and stuff like that (and doing this on someone else's material is quite enjoyable...).
If you like (some of) them, a little hi in the email box is very welcome. You may also send requests for a next song if you wish. They will be listed at the bottom of this page...



Careless Whisper (George Michael / Andrew Ridgeley) ---> mp3 (extra: the hotbabechorusmix by Denis!)
Andrew Ridgeley went to Monaco to become an auto racer. His days as an auto racer did not last long, as he crashed several cars and had difficulty getting sponsors. Ridgeley has no intention of returning to the music industry and spends his time surfing, motor racing and owning a restaurant, Bar 92.

Overprotected (Max Martin / Rami) ---> mp3
In 1992, Martin was hired as a house writer/producer at Cheiron, and spent a couple of years learning the ropes; meanwhile, Denniz Pop found international success producing Ace of Base's blockbuster The Sign. Pop also renamed his protégé Max Martin, which he thought sounded "poppier" than Martin White.

No woman no cry (V. Ford) ---> mp3
Vincent Ford was a friend of Marley's who ran a soup kitchen in Trenchtown, the ghetto of Kingston, Jamaica where Marley grew up. The royalty checks received by Ford ensured the survival and continual running of his soup kitchen.

Don't believe the hype (Drayton / Ridenhour / Sadler / Shocklee) ---> mp3
William Jonathan Drayton, Jr. has reportedly completed two solo albums, both of which were rejected by his record label, Def Jam. A third LP, It's About Time, was due to be released in 1999 but never appeared.

Septiembre (Roberto Martín / Silvia Sanz) ---> mp3
Silvia y Roberto tienen su trabajo además de Niza. ¿Es muy complicado vivir de la música? ¿Os planteáis en un futuro vivir solamente de Niza?
- S: Cada uno vive de su trabajo. Poder llegar a vivir de la música es sólo un sueño muy lejano.

Caroline no (Brian Wilson / Tony Asher) ---> mp3
It has long been rumored that "Caroline, No " was written about a real person and it is true that the woman, whose name was just slightly changed, was a Tony Asher ex. It was unfortunate when Beach Boy Mike Love sued Brian Wilson for co-writing credit on nearly 30 songs, including those penned by Tony Asher though Love was on tour in Europe when they were written.

La isla bonita (Leonard / Ciccone / Gaitsch) ---> mp3
It was written by Patrick Leonard and Bruce Gaitsch, and originally intended for Michael Jackson for his Bad album, who, according to Gaitsch, turned it down. Madonna accepted it in Jackson's place, and wrote the song's lyrics, earning herself a co-writing credit. Some believe the island is Ambergris Caye in the nation of Belize, as the song may also mention the principal village, San Pedro Town. However, Gaitsch has mentioned that at the time, Madonna was spending time in a US town of the same name, and both Madonna and then husband Sean Penn were good friends with San Pedro, California poet and novelist Charles Bukowski.

Who's that girl (Robyn / Alexander Kronlund / Karin Dreijer Andersson / Olof Dreijer) ---> mp3
Following discussion between RCA Sweden and their American counterpart, there were plans for "My Truth" to be partially re-recorded with US-radio friendly production. Robyn was uncomfortable with the prospect and valued her artistic credibility above her record company's advice, and so "My Truth" was not released in the United States.

Bad boy (Chieregato / Turatti / Beecher) ---> mp3
After years of continued fame and popularity, the fans of Den Harrow were faced with an unbelievable news, it was revealed both by the frontman of Den Harrow Stefano Zandri and the producers that they had been hiding the truth from their millions of fans. It was disclosed that Stefano Zandri did not actually sing his own songs; he was essentially a character who lip-synched to vocals produced by a number of other Italo singers.

Beat it (Michael Jackson) ---> mp3
Well publicized was Michael Jackson's music video promoting his CD called HIStory. However, little known is that not only is the green star on Michael's uniform a long-time, historical symbol of the International Language, Esperanto, but also that much of the background singing is in Esperanto.

Forever (Dennis Wilson / Gregg Jakobson) ---> mp3
Jakobson met Wilson in Honolulu circa 1966 when he accompanied Melcher and Bruce Johnston, performing as The Rip Chords, to a show they were opening for The Beach Boys and Dino, Desi & Billy. The two spent their days surfing, chasing girls and riding motorcycles and one of rock and roll’s most interesting friendships emerged. The Beach Boys recorded a handful of their early songwriting collaborations, including “Baby Blue,” “Celebrate the News,” “Forever” and “San Miguel.”

Kids in America (Marty Wilde / Ricki Wilde) ---> mp3
At the age of eleven, Wilde was signed by record producer Jonathan King to King's UK record label and released his first single in November, 1972, called "I Am An Astronaut". Recordings of new material in 1980 led to the 'discovery' of his sister Kim. Wilde's new role was that of producer and co-writer, a role he has fulfilled up until now. By his own admission, he was happy to be more in the background as of that moment.

Big mouth strikes again (Johnny Marr / Morrissey) ---> mp3
Marr had aspirations to be a professional football player, and was approached by Nottingham Forest F.C. and had trials with Manchester City F.C. (which he supports). In an interview with FourFourTwo magazine, Marr said: I was good enough for City, but they didn't follow up because I was probably the only player out there wearing eyeliner.

Such a shame (Mark Hollis) ---> mp3
Born in Tottenham in 1955, Hollis quit Sussex University and a degree course in child psychology in 1977 deciding instead to return to London and concentrate on songwriting. His urge to pursue a vocation in music was no doubt partly inspired by his older brother Ed's role as manager-cum-producer behind perennial pre-punk favourites Eddie and the Hot Rods, and indeed Mark even roadied for that group before forming his own band, the Reaction.

Paranoid (Tony Iommi / Bill Ward / Geezer Butler / Ozzy Osbourne) ---> mp3
In an industrial accident at the age of 17 on his last day of work in a sheet metal factory, he lost the tips of the middle and ring finger of his right hand. After attempting to learn to play right-handed, Iommi strung his guitars with extra-light strings and wore plastic covers over the two damaged fingers. He fashioned the latter himself, by melting plastic liquid-soap bottles into a ball and then using a soldering iron to make holes into this ball, putting his fingers in while the plastic was still soft enough to be shaped. He then trimmed and sanded away the excess plastic to leave himself with two thimbles, which he then covered with leather, to provide better grip on the strings.

Dauxre dancas sole mi (dancing on my own) (Robyn / Patrik Berger) ---> mp3 or on youtube
Patrik is musician, composer and producer. As a musician he plays guitar in the screamo-hardcore band Snuffed by the Yazuka.

Indestructible (Robyn / Klas Åhlund) ---> mp3
Klas Åhlund has also produced most of the Caesars' albums.

Jolene (Dolly Parton) ---> mp3
In 1974, her song "I Will Always Love You" went to number one on the country music charts. Elvis Presley indicated that he wanted to cover the song. Parton was interested until Presley's manager told her that it was standard procedure for the songwriter to sign over half of the publishing rights to any song Elvis recorded. Parton refused, and that decision is credited with helping to make her many millions of dollars in royalties from the song over the years. It was decisions like these, in fact, that caused her to be called "The Iron Butterfly" in show business circles.

The end of the world (Arthur Kent / Sylvia Dee) ---> mp3
Dee penned the words to song that went to number 1 in 1945 called Chickery Chick. It was quite memorable because of its nonsense lyrics, which included "Chickery chick, cha-la, cha-la".

3 nuits par semaine (Nicola Sirkis / Dominique Nicolas) ---> mp3
Passionné par la pêche à la mouche, Dominique Nicolas a participé à deux émissions de Histoires Naturelles en 1988 et 2004 et a réalisé pour la chaîne thématique Seasons plusieurs documentaires sur ce sujet de 2002 à 2004 (dont "Les carnets d'un moucheur" sorti en VHS et DVD).


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Roy Harper's When an old cricketer leaves the crease (Claire)
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